Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking forward to the New Year or not.

The end of the year is coming so what is going on in our heads. Well, for some it's work, business, new beginnings and for others it's who am I going to be with to party on new years eve.

Just like Christmas we sometimes have that sense of loneliness. New year, however, is celebrated by everyone around the planet so just as we are looking forward to new beginnings, we also want to have a last ending and going out with a bang. What is going to happen is we will start to give ourselves resolutions for the coming year and tell ourselves that we got to stick to them. The problem is that we also tell ourselves that we got a few days to party like mad.

We hit the bars, clubs, massage places and some maybe even the red light districts. It's natural and a lot of people will be doing just that. Two years ago I remember a really great, freak out time we had at a previous bar that I had. There were so many hot girls and the guys were salivating just looking at them. There were some hookers but it was all fun. Like I said, everyone celebrates the new year. The feeling in the air was like a full moon above and all the coyotes were howling. Something you see in the movies or cartoons.

We all got that animal magnetism. It draws the male and female togetherness and when there's something to celebrate and lots of drinks at the bar, then hormones take over and we go a little nuts over sex. The opposite sex, even if less attractive on that night, is still pursued because everyone wants to end with a bang like I said. Somehow we just want something special before the last day of the year. some because it was a really bad year for work or some because they are far away from the one they love. Maybe some need to fill a space when they broke up with someone recently. Even the hookers will throw in a freebie if they like you.

Bar advice. Before the end of the year comes. Make those resolutions. In fact make a long list of it then after that when the first day comes. Take out that list and throw it all away except one. Why? Because it's hard to change. You'll feel better when you can do one then not do any.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Time

Well it seems that the time of year, Christmas, has just passed. If you notice, I haven't been doing anything with the blog because I've been too busy. Not because of work, mind you, but I actually closed the bar for a few days.

What have I been doing? Well, Christmas eve I went to church for mass. Then went back to my sisters place for some grub. Later we went to my brother in law's(sis husband) mother's home. She also happens to be my godmother. I've been going there for the last 27 years actually. We normally get there after they finish the midnight mass. Eventually everyone gathers and there will be some exchange of presents. Lot's of food and drink and we end up going home by 4am. This is normal and a bit of a tradition for us.

Following day I went to his brother's house for lunch. They were all there as well. I didn't get to see his home previously as he got married last year but was staying at his mom's home till then so it was a nice treat for me. Also met up with a few people that I hadn't seen in a while. Did give them a few business cards for my bar. Hope that helps me later.

Next night we ended up in my sisters place. She had already planed this party on boxing day so that she would have enough time to prepare everything to eat and drink. As usual, I ended up being the bartender for the night. For the first time, they got the church guys to bring down the band equipment. It was set up in the living room and after the main guys had their meal they started playing. The food, by the way, was great. We had turkey, ham, stuffing, black pepper beef, baked cauliflower, stir fried vegetables and lots more. There was also some nice deserts, cakes and fruits. Best of all was the people and enough booze to go around for a great party.

We took turns to sing. There were a lot of carols but a lot of other music as well. Mostly those great oldies which ranged from the Bee Gees, Beatles, Elvis and lots more. We all had such a good time in spite of the rain that came down all night. The house was full of people. I finally got to give everyone their presents. I could see they were happy about what they got, especially the ladies, as I got them all jewelry items this year. Thank goodness my internet cash has come in handy. The IMA has pulled in good cash for me. Anyway the worst part about all this was me waiting for Brenda to call me. Why?

I sent her a Christmas present by mail. I even paid for LUM( Local urgent mail) service so it would get to her before Christmas. She only contacted me the next day at about 1am. I guess this was because she finally opened her present and saw that I sent her diamond earnings. The thing is, she messaged me instead of calling. Although she wrote that the present was too expensive but she liked it, she could have at least picked up the phone. I told myself that I was going to 'test' her anyway but I will say that I was disappointed. I have yet to conclude on this matter.

Bar advice. Sometimes the company of family, friends and loved ones are more important during Christmas. Those of us that are alone and sad should reflect on this. It's not the presents but the presence of others that brings joy into our hearts.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing before Christmas

We all do it. We want something before that date arrives. It reflects many people. Even if you're not in that faith religiously. We know what it feels like because we see it in the people around us day to day.

People are either shopping for presents, booking hotel rooms or dinner reservations for that night. Well, we want all that too but some may be having a bad year so it's not going to work out as we like. Then what?

Well, we make the best of it. Remember that girl Brenda that I mentioned before, well I haven't spoken to her for about 2 weeks and today I messaged her for her zip code. She replied back with it but asked the reason. She indicated that if I was sending a card, it would get there late but I replied that it wasn't a card at all. In fact she doesn't know it but I'm sending her Diamond earrings. Why?

Well I'm surprising her. I did not contact her for 2 weeks because I just felt that we needed space and this time of the year is a tense period. If I push it I may loose her all together. I hope she likes what she gets. Whatever it is, I still really, really, really like her.
I leave it to faith that falls next year. I'll highlight about this again soon.

Bar advice. Let things take it's course slowly sometimes. We're all only human.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

This song is for all those that need advice when you don't know what to do in a bad relationship.

Bar advice. No one is irreplaceable.

Monday, December 18, 2006

To the left

If you have heard Beyonce's song or seen the video then you'll feel that it's just right if you're in that situation. This could go both ways. Guys and girls. The song can be seen that way.

What do you do if you get that situation going on with the person you are with? The time will come when you say enough is enough. The holiday season is current and it's not the time for quarrels and such but what do you do if things are bad in a relationship? First thing that we think of is that we don't want to be alone. Especially this time of the year. Then we think of how we will be looked at by others when they see that you're not with the other by your side. Some may congratulate you while others may frown at you. This brings me to this story of this girl Christine who was with this guy Tom.

Tom was not as educated as her and was very jealous whenever she talked or interacted with other guys. He was also younger than her a couple of years. They were together a few years till Christine ended her job because the company closed down. She had three kids to look after and this guy was becoming more like the fourth kid that she didn't want. She confided in me about a lot of things that went on in their daily lives. From him acting like a dad to her kids, that she didn't like, their quarrels and all the way to their sex life. Even to the point of telling me that his penis was too small to satisfy her. We laughed at that together but she wasn't laughing all the time. Mostly it was tears that she showed. It seems that Tom took her in the sense like she was his wife. Trouble is, he wasn't.

It got to a point where she was frustrated with all of his faults. Asking her for money, when he knew that she had been cheated by someone recently, to getting her to foot the travel fares for them to go to Thailand for a holiday. She wasn't able to get a job for a while and he was always making things worse for her especially since she had three other mouths to feed. She had bought him clothes and jewelry before and he never did anything really nice for her. Every time he wanted her it was for his own pleasure and not her needs sexually or supporting her financially. It came to a point when she could not take it anymore. Then one day it happened.

Things just got ugly. He started accusing her of being with someone else. Not having time for him and understanding him or his problems. She got so mad that she slapped him in front of relatives and friends and took all his stuff and threw it out of the house. Day after day he kept calling and pleading her with SMS messages to come back. She actually met him once after that and it turned out to be another disaster that evening. More so it confirmed to her that it was totally over.

She's doing all right now. Got a new job and changing homes. No guy with her as yet but she said she was going to hold off and not jump in with both feet till she was ready.

Bar advice. When I asked her what was the best thing about what happened after all that. She said that it was the sense of liberation and total freedom again that made her feel that she could soar like an eagle and she knew that things would somehow work out.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Money never enough

I guess with he holidays coming and the end of the year at hand we all need some extra money. Some hope to strike the lottery. some a big bonus check and some just want to get a job.

We all need money in this world. Who in their right mind can go without it. Not most of the people in the world, except a few that have some sort of vow or religion perhaps. Never the less we all need it, want it and the more the better. Not wanting to sound greedy but more is better than less. In Singapore, and a lot of other countries, living conditions and things are very high. A lot of expats come here for work and they get paid as if they were at home and more so in lots of cases. To them it is much cheaper here and that includes those that find the women of the night. The surrounding Asian countries may be cheaper but if you're working here then you got to make the best of it.

There's a lot of people that are making a truck load of cash on the Internet. There are these Internet gurus that make so much money doing this that they can live anywhere in the world and still make money with their laptops. Doing business by the beach with a Singapore Sling in your hand doesn't sound all that bad. It's not as easy as people say it is but some are rather easy. All it takes is to have a huge list of people to send info about what you got and money starts rolling in. Try the Internet Marketing Advantage to form an online business.

We go to the pubs and have our beer. Maybe a shot of tequila and see hookers propositioning themselves at us but we look across the street and see a suave nightclub with people drinking champagne and women tossing themselves at them because they just got out of a fancy Ferrari. What's their secret? Well they work smarter and with leverage marketing. Affiliates that join in their Internet businesses that increase sales for them. It's better to have a thousand working for you then you doing all the work and getting nowhere right? Lets say you affiliate with friendfinder. Well you just get people that are interested in meeting others in that site and when they pay to sign up you get a percentage of the money. Some people don't know how to go about doing internet marketing. There's help. Cody Moya has a site that will teach you the right ways. Those that don't want to do much reading can get videos with audio that shows you the steps from people like Cody. Get all the info you need for free.

When we go out and have a good time we know that we have to use money. We eat, drink and make merry and it's got to come out of our pocket. We piss all that cash away and we have to work hard to get more. Even if we spent, say, $10.00. We got to earn that back to be able to enjoy ourselves the next time. Well if you were earning a constant amount daily for not lifting a finger that would be better. Wouldn't it? This new site is doing just that. It's called GDI. It will bring you MONEY into your pocket constantly and you don't have to do a thing. If you did get people to join then you will of course make a lot more. This is got to be the easiest and cheapest. Well almost.

Bar advice. Work smarter as well. No ones telling you to give up your day job(not just yet) or beer for that matter but wouldn't it be nice to drink champagne once in a while and not have to worry about the money. Even the next day. I'd rather be having some hookah in Turkey or calamari in Barbados then slog with the boss watching me all the time. Think about it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Somehow I decided to just focus about this girl Brenda at the moment. Instead of discussing other things, situations and such but I will bring that up though because they reflect what is happening to me currently as well.

Whatever happens between us is somewhere between personal, private but also weird. Why? Well she in one state or another at different times of the day and I don't even know where I fit in . It's like I fit in only to when her agenda seems to want it. I know that I've been around the block with a truck load of girls before but there's nothing like the chase of a beautiful and gorgeous women. This is the hunt that I have been longing for after some time now.

She makes me feel like a teen at times that is looking for his first kiss. I like it. Last night I met here with two of her cousins and it was fine. they did not drink much as it was a Sunday but I just wanted to be seen by some of her relatives. They both were girls so that made it a little funny trying to squeeze conversations in especially since they were talking more about their family issues. Whatever.

All I know is that after the cousins left we had a reasonably good time talking . Got to kiss her on the shoulders, which is Divine, and sent her home in the cab. Did get pissed off that she didn't allow me to kiss her goodnight. That's the thing about her. One day all's good and the next day I go no idea what's in her head. She never responded to my calls today either. Sometimes I want to give up but she's a fight that I don't want to either. Know what I mean? See, I just like everyone else.

Bar advice. Patience some times may be better. Wait, watch, listen and then try again.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Movies and real life

We sometimes feel that we want to have what the movies produce. The beautiful women. Seduction and romance. The chase and finally the link up that's suppose to last forever. Well as movies are only about two hours or so long, real life isn't.

I recently met this gorgeous girl Brenda. She came to the bar one day with colleagues after work. Some of them had been there before but it was her first time. Her eyes are so enchanting. Great smile and lovely long hair. It goes all the way to her ass. After they all left, I thought that I'd never see her again but she did come back with different friends and as we got to talking I got her email address because I wanted to add her into the email list. Well it was more for me personally than anything else but eventually I did email her and got her number. We've been talking almost everyday and she's come over to the bar twice now. We've kissed and when she had too much to drink I got to first base with her. She smells good. Trust me if you think that a women smells good when you hold her you know you really like her.

The thing is that she just got pass a boyfriend and she's not all that eager to get back into one right now. Me on the other hand have been alone for a while now and need a women to be part of my life. Especially when Christmas coming around so soon. It can be the loneliest time in ones life. Anybody would want to be making love than masturbating pointlessly. She's a bit of a character, this girl. Makes me pissed off with her sometimes when we talk. She is straight forward and sometimes too truthful and blunt but that's the unique thing about her. I haven't found anyone like her before.

Too many people are always being what they are not or pretending to live like they are in the movies. Some quote lines just to be able to converse with the other and hope that the reaction will be like the movie they watched. Eventually honesty and sincerity are key to relationships that work. At this moment I don't know where we are going and I hope it gets better between us. One day at a time I guess. Maybe Christmas should be over and reality of the new year will bring us closer a little. I don't know what the heck I'm blabbering about. It's all her fault. She drives me crazy at times but I can't stop thinking about her.One bonus is that we both like the same English Premier League team. Chelsea. Thank goodness we found one thing in common.

Bar advice. Remember opposites sometimes do attract. Get back to you about her in the future. If I don't, well, then there was no future between us.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Beautiful girls

Guess what? Women are all over the place but we are not looking at the right places all the time. Here's a little story about myself at this moment. Here I an meeting this lovely girl Brenda and she's just driving me nuts.

Why you ask? Well. After all the hard time that I had over the last several years, I haven't been with a really wonderful women like her for some time . Wow! She is just fantastic. It's like watching the Niagara Falls and the Angel Falls all roped into one. Small problem. She's getting over someone that she herself told me that she's not in love with but the subject of a another previous boyfriend never seems to elude her conversation or memory. I'm stupid but I think she's great. Reasons...well, I shall reveal sometime later.

At this moment I got to say that everyone always wants to be with someone. Even if you look at the most notorious of gangsters or criminals throughout the centuries, you will find that most of them had someone that loved them or even the fact that they loved others and spent money to do 'good deeds' that help others even though they were that bad of character. All that is good will happen to all that work at it and remember there's no FREE ride.

Bar advice. We all want happines, joy and love. It is coming to Christmas so let us find a way to not be alone. Loneliness is a killer. Change that today.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Continued for last

Well. Did you think about it? The bully is about to beat the shit out of you or something humiliating will happen to you. What do you do?

I'll be honest with you. If he ever gives you his face and dares you to hit him, Do so Idiot, He's trying to show off to everyone all around. So give it to him and he won't forget.The longer the bullying goes on the longer it will take to change the situation you're in. Make sure you hit and hit hard till he can't get up that day. There will never be respect for you till you get him down. Here are a few hints for the next time...

Do it quick. Swiftly.
If possible, make sure he's intoxicated.
Fight tooth and nail.
Let him think that you're scared.
If he's got friends, run like mad.
Copy his style, movement and methods. He'll be a lost for words when he's up against himself.
Be aggressive if you have to.
If things can be talked out, make sure that all this won't happen again and please call a witness to ensure it.

Many other ways and methods that apply but I'm not going to list them here. Some stuff are left to the gangsters to 'reveal' to you if you ever get in their face. Whatever dude.

Bar advice. It's simply a insecure person that resorts to violence but bullies are further the food chain so stand your ground and watch them back down.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What the f*%k?

We all get that saying. What the fu#k. Things go wrong. Shit happens. Situations occur and we have to face it. The fear that something bad may happen at that particular moment that scares us.

Whatever it may be. We got to remember, be it any person from any country that you come from, there's always the bully's and the bullied. You're no longer in High school. Wake up. True to the fact that if you're in a foreign country, you don't want to piss anyone off, but hey you may be in a bad situation that you never could have imagined. Well may be you did imagine but it became worst, so what do you do? Think about it.

Bar advice. Be humble.

Monday, December 4, 2006


You may think constant partying will help your sex life, but excessive drinking and smoking will give your load a nasty after taste. If you do have a few Cocktails, stay away from beer! Have you ever been hung over the morning after raging a keg and felt like the stench of beer was exuding from your pores? Well that happens ALL over your body, including your junk. Instead, try some mixed vodka drinks or even saki. Guinness will definitely do the trick.

I recommend being yourself when trying to meet people or any date for that matter. Unless you're just looking to get laid, pretending to be someone else when you meet someone will just come around to bite you in the ass later. Eventually who you really are will come out and if the other person doesn't like you then you have just wasted your time and theirs by game playing. If someone doesn't like you for who you are, move onto the next person until you meet someone who does. One thing about the ladies of the night is that they have to pretend to be someone all the time because the person that they really are is someone that you won't want to be with.

They're there to make your fantasy come through so don't go looking for love in that place unless you're ready to share her with the rest of the block. A lot of the guys actually try to impress these girls by telling them all sorts of stories about what job they do and that they're so busy all the time with lots of money and business involved. Well, you've just told her how much more she's going to get out of you. The only thing that she's interested in is your cash. The more pretence you add into the conversation to mesmerize her and the less cash you fork out , is going to land you in hot soup. Your name will be on all the girls blacklist and you're going to be black balled by all of them sooner or later. You will probably need to find a new bar to drink in to find another girl that will be with you.

The women of the night can be really nice and all's fair in love and lust but don't screw them in that way. This is a business to them and they negotiate deals everyday. Some are more lucrative while others are less but the thing is that if they like you sometimes might get a freebie. It's hard to come by but it does happen. Trust me I know what I'm talking about. Play by the rules and they'll do likewise. There was a Irish guy that I knew that tried not paying a girl and he ended up almost loosing his balls because a bunch of the guys cut his scrotum as a warning. He bled a little but was alright and he did pay her in the end which he should have done in the first place. Idiot.

Bar advice.Sometimes it's all the better to just sit back. Have a cold drink. Let the girls crammer all over you and leave them alone. You'll see a different you in the mirror the next morning.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Loneliest time of the year

With Christmas coming and the year ending we tend to look back at stuff we did during the last twelve months. sure there's a lot of us that will be seeing family and friends but there's also a lot that will be far away from all of them.

If you're a expat working away from home the loneliness sets in as the days get closer to Christmas and New Years. Singles are not too upset but married ones a little though. What is one to do. Some of the guys I know that are married but are working here alone have been fooling around with a lot of the girls that it only really hits them the moment this time of the year comes around. The regret and shame is inside them when they have to make a telephone call on Christmas morning to the family. Knowing that last night on Christmas Eve he just made love to a hooker or a SPG and that side of the bed is still warm even after she left. The scent of her perfume still fills the air as the conversation takes place even to the kids.

Guys think that they can get away with it. They forget to cover their tracks like credit card or phone bills that should have been thrown out or redirected. They meet up with other expats and it becomes a party. The girls seem easy and friendly so temptation sets in. Lust overcomes them more than the booze that they have been drinking and they feel like a teenager again. Seeing, testing, hoping to get to first base then make a home run which ultimately means getting into the sack. As World Aids Day has recently passed, let us be aware that it's still around and hasn't gone a way yet. For that matter there still isn't a cure.

A lot of the girls know that the guys want to be with someone during that time of the year. Why? Well they're in the same boat as well. Do not for one second think that they're here to make more money than usual because of the season. They too want to go back and be with the family. Letting someone fuck them and fear that the Christmas present that they get could be a death sentence is all too real for them as they're with different guys all the time and every night. I feel sad for the girls sometimes. The thing for them is that the grass is greener on the other side. That's why they come to Singapore. It's the lure of bigger money and better chances than being where they are and all other girls competition for them in their own country. If they had money they wouldn't be here either.

Bar advice to the guys. Respect the girls because they wouldn't be doing what they're doing if it wasn't necessary. All of them got a story and reason as to why they are here. Also respect yourself and family enough to know that it could all be gone a heartbeat.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Hoping for love and just be loved for a day

If you think that it's just the women from all the surrounding countries that come to Singapore, think again. Lot's of expats and tourist come for all sorts of reasons. One being that what they want and seek in their own country is not available. That particular thing is Love.

It comes in many forms. Some for just the night. It could be from a SPG, also know as a Sarong Party Girl, which won't require money. SPG's simply like to party and if you're lucky and they like you then you might get to go home with them by the end of the night but it's always the lady's choice. Irregardless of what it may be, I know so many fellows that just have it though with women in their own country that they are happy to be here anytime.

Once they have been here for a while, it's a transformation or a sort of metamorphosis, to them that they feel worthy. Why? It's because if they were back home, their girls wouldn't even think of giving them the time of day let alone stay the night. I'm not putting all of them down but this a general observation for a lot of people that I know. Mind you there are a heck of a lot of others that have no problem getting women but this story is more so about those that are without.

There was this one guy that I knew. Larry was his name, being out of the UK and a little older man. Around forty at the time, he was very well liked and a really good darts player. We use to call him John Lowe because he looked like him a lot. His is a typical story of things that happen when you come Asia.

Larry worked in the construction industry which was a hard days work week but every weekend he was happy to go to the bars and even the clubs to be with other expats and check out the ladies of the night. He wasn't a stingy person. Respected them and was always kind with them. He got cheated and ripped off by some of them before as well but took it as lessons that we learn in life.

He lived in Singapore for several years and really took a liking to the Thai women the most and longed to work in Thailand one day. Well after several more years here he finally got that chance. He went there then came back after one month . I was shocked to see him and was curious as to why he was back. I thought Thailand was where he wanted to be all this time. He replied that it was just a Visa and work permit issue and he would only be in Singapore for a week then back there again.

He met, drank and partied with friends and even the girls here during that time. Actually before he left Singapore, and gave up his apartment here, he had a farewell party at his place and we were all there so it was like a second party when he was back. Eventually he left after a week and headed of to Thailand. Three months later I was told that he was in Singapore. I was shocked to hear that he had a heart attack or sorts and was sent here to Singapore for treatment. When he was out at one stage I asked him what went wrong. He said there was way too much enjoyment, crazy, fun activities and mostly all night party girls there that he could handle.
He went back to Thailand two days after that but till today I haven't seen or heard anything about him. I hope that he is fine. Maybe he got married. Possibly living a good life. I dread that anything bad may have happen to him. He was a nice guy. Thing is, he finally got the life he wanted. Whether he got the girl, I'll never know.

Bar advice for all. Let him that hopes to find love, be it a life time or a day, be fulfill. Don't do something that is full of regrets for the rest of you life.