Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Being unsure

Recently I had this girl, Mindy(not real name), come to the bar. She works nearby in a restaurant at the same area. She's been to the bar several times already. Firstly coming with a colleague but now with a new boyfriend.

As we got to talking about different things, she looked troubled so I queried her as to what was wrong. It turned out to be a little bit of a relationship issue. It wasn't so much of things going bad but she added that it was partly due to her own character flaws that added fuel to the fire. I recently checked her Pig/Capricorn zodiac signs and found this about her.

This mix creates a being of infinite talent and aspirations to match. The sky is the limit. Capricorn/Pigs never see themselves as less than monstrously famous and hugely wealthy. These folks are grandeur specialists, whose personal goals of cosmic proportions don't stand in the way of their equally epic egos. There is, in the Capricorn/Pig makeup, a certain refreshing purity of desire. No Capricorn/Pig ever underestimates him or herself. Some claim that such a clearheaded attitude toward blatant self-seeking ambition is healthy. This person undertakes vast artistic projects and gives generously to cultural institutions. The Capricorn/Pig is a faithful and passionate lover. But he or she is also a smothering one. Possessive is a mild word to describe how they cling to the object of their desire. Scenes. Rows. Rages. Fits. They don't get angry often, but when they do, run for your life.

Looking at this tells me that it may be a problem of wanting to be with the person so much and clinging on that the partner feels there's no room to breath. What's the normal reaction of someone drowning and trying to get to the surface for air? After the feeling of relief from the fresh air, they want to get the hell out of the water as quick as possible. The trouble free feeling sets in and they're glad that it's all over. The fact that she may from time to time have a row or be angry with the other and often in public, can be a real put off for anyone.

As the conversation deepen we went into the topic about her sex life, which she initially did not want to comment, and asked if they were doing anything. She laughed and told me no. Just some kissing, touching and petting. She did not want to awnser me when I asked if she was still a virgin. Telling me that it was personal. That may be true but I found that she seemed very naive and at times could be gullible to things that people tell her or to things that she doesn't know about. When I first met her she was wearing braces and at the age of twenty five seem to make her look like a kid. Now with this new guy, the braces are off and she's doing herself up more that shows her feminine side even more.

I look at it as a girl evolving into a woman. Not quite there yet. She is petite but pretty. Looking for love. Wanting to have carear, a man, parents approval, good friends, money, security, joy, fulfillment and so on. Basically he world. Who doesn't? The thing is we must not be naive to the world around us or be gullible when people tell us things because we are not exposed enough. Nobody wants to be alone. If you're willing to settle for less than what you deserve then accept all the flaws that you have and the person you're with. If you want more of everything then be willing to accept that your partner is not perfect. You can't always get what you want and the world doesn't work the way that we all want. In short, we're only human.

I hope that she comes around to see me again. I really do like her. I want to help her and in fact told her to read this blog to get some insights about relationships or source out the info elsewhere. I look at this young, petite, pretty and sweet girl and think that any guy would be lucky to have her, yet, she may end up being her worse enemy by not being able to change and adapt herself to others, surroundings, and her relationships.

Bar advice. Some people need others to tell them things about themselves that they don't see about themselves. Seeing you own shortcomings or discussing them can be intimidating but being open to help from friends improves things.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Anytime for as long as you want

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Male erections

The other day I happen to pick up a magazine and was reading some articles about bars and such when I came across this section on questions from readers. The questions can be about anything really. From health issues to bars, women, men, dogs, dresses to whatever comes to mind. The 'genius' writer seems to answer them all.

It just so happen that a reader sent in a question about her boyfriend's erection. She asked why it happened when he was asleep and is it due to him possibly having wet dreams or something. To me it seemed that she may have been a much younger lady or just naive to these things till now. Anyway, the guy wrote about it and I'm going write some of the details that he wrote and add my own comments to it as well.

Basically a normal healthy male will have a few full erections during the course of the night. Blood circulates throughout the body and the penis, which is pure muscle, gets it's fair share thus the involuntary erection happen. The man is unaware of this unless he wakes up and feels it stiffness. There is more scientific explanations for it but that's the simple design layout of what takes place.

The column writer called it his 'morning glory'. I thought it made sense to call it that since it normally happens in the morning and you could say that it's a glorious part of the male anatomy. Also that may just be the hardest erection of the day.

If you're a young woman and want to know what in the world to do when this occurs, well, nothing. If a guy wakes up it will eventually subside down and he'll probably go take a piss but if he does it while it's still hard then you got some cleaning to do in the toilet because it's going to be all over the floor and walls. It's not that he can't aim well. It's just that the muscles will start to expand and contract while he's taking the piss so for a while he's lost control of his penis function and it becomes a nightmare.

If you're in love and when you see that his 'morning glory' is in full bloom. Take advantage of it. He's sleeping. Take it and place it inside you. If you weren't sure that he was having a wet dream, he'll be having one then. From a male stand point I'll tell you that you would be giving him a gift if you did that. Guys are horny at the moment they wake up because of this really hard erection. It gets that way because of the blood circulation as explained earlier and it activates the mind sexually as well because the penis endings makes that sensation flow to the brain. Their minds start to think of lustful thoughts because of the erection and if you're there they won't hesitate to get into action. If you get on top of him just be gentle as his bladder is still full so discomfort will be the feeling rather then pleasure.

Ladies, there's nothing to be shy about. I even heard that women have some sort of tingaling sensation in the mornings at their clitoris. This is not clear to me and only the females can confirm this. I got the morning news sent to you here about men and that's all I'm qualified to talk about. Just in case there's some of you out there that don't see your man having the 'morning glory' or any erection at all, guess what? He's probably got what we call penis erectile dysfunction. Sorry to say that this may not just be medical or physical but is sometimes psychological in nature that makes this come(or not cum)about. Seek medical advice.

If you want to have a happy sex life. Don't meddle with what's happening in his head when he's sleeping but rather take the head of his 'morning glory' to meddle with to wake him up. Trust me, if you want to have some of the best sex in your life than these are the things to consider and work on. He'll also be continously turned on and the two of you won't stop finding new ways to please each other.

Bar advice. The saying goes "make hay while the sun shines" and if you find a 'morning glory', all the better to start the day.

Touching someone

Last Saturday Kat messaged me on my cell phone because she thought I was not opening the bar. Actually I opened late a little and she came up to see me. I was setting up the tables when she arrived. She sat there and started smoking. Just as I turned to ask her a question she lit another cigarette using the end of the first one before stubbing it out.

She must have missed smoking for a week and the fact that she would be going to her salsa classes probably made her smoke more. Where she sat had only two chairs. She sat on one and placed her bag on the other. When I joined her she was going to move the bag but I told her that I'd get another chair. The reason was that I could sit nearer and next to her. She smiled as I sat next to her. It was obvious that she knew that I knew that she knew what I was doing. It's called making a 'move'.

Even for someone like my self, touching someone is hard sometimes. The whole animal instinct of guys starts to emerge and women sense the tension that both people have. Don't get me wrong, we haven't done anything but, I do think that we like each other and we are comfortable chatting about anything. Touching just adds to the comfort zone. What's wrong with it? Absolutely nothing. I still got to remember that she's my customer although now a friend as well.

I sat next to her for sometime admiring her figure and of course her 'hot ass' as I called it because she sometimes wear these body hugging outfits for classes and being tight, every detail is revealed. So shoot me. After all I'm a guy. We sometimes ogle at the beautiful form of women. What's wrong with that. She knows she has it and women have to flaunt it proudly especially when gravity hasn't applied it's force on the form as yet.

She needed a lighter to smoke some more and so I got it but I put my arm around her and lit it. The fact that she didn't mind made me feel at ease. If she had said something or told me she was uncomfortable with it then we would have an invisible wall of stress between us from that point onwards. Luckily, that was not the case. I did, however, stop sitting next to her and I even told her that I felt too tempted to do something so I was taking away the seat next to her. I guess it was better not to move too fast as well.

We continued our conversation about her living on her own and her balcony space that she has. Also about the room mates that lives with her. Students from China so conversations are pretty much non existent except when she needs a condom in the middle of the night and had to ask one of them there. She said that when she asked for the condom the guy didn't understand her. Thoughts of getting his penis out and demonstrating the procedure of putting it on went through her mind but she suddenly remembered to say the words, "Sex", to him which brought the latex product out of the drawer. If a girl came up to me and said those word in the middle of the night, irregardless of what language we spoke, I would have had my clothes off in two seconds. What was that guy thinking?

Now I remember. She said he may be gay. Well, his loss. Now all I got to do is figure out who the condom was for. Actually, our conversations are rugged, mature and open to everything. So far.

I really do enjoy my meetings with her and although it's for brief periods, she never fails to put a smile on my face. Great gal but I feel she still searching for something in life that even she can't understand or see in herself as yet. It seems that we both need this little interlude of meetings to stray to some adolescent contact to cut out the world for a while. I hope that she thinks like this as well and touching will just have to slowly take it course.

Bar advice. Some moves should never be done too quickly. Take time to feel relaxed and comfortable with the other. Touching the others mind and heart comes first. It will happen when it happens.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Times of frustration

Last Wednesday Kat dropped by and when I got her a ash tray she said she wasn't going to smoke because she had a cough for the whole week. She didn't come by on the previous Saturday and she said it was because she wasn't well.

Then I asked what she did with her time and she basically spelt out that she was in bed, didn't feel good and lots of people calling her and bugging the heck out of her. She said friends were calling her to go out for a meal, for a date, for drinks and so on but she was not in the mood and all these people were frustrating her.

It seems that when we are ill every little thing becomes a problem or a frustration to the point that we isolate ourselves away and not want to talk or do anything or even see anyone till we're back in circulation. If you're a smoker, the tendency to get frustrated becomes stronger because irritation to the throat gets worse but smokers need their 'fix' so to speak. Tempers can also rise when you get some moron calling you up and starts wining about their insecurities or people wanting to meet up but they don't have a clue that all you want to do is hibernate till hell freezes over then emerge from sleep, well and ready to face the world again.

All said and done, she was feeling better and had a nice brave smile on her face in spite the fact that she was still a little weak. I was watching her from the top of the bar and only noticed her because I was actually checking out a beauty in a red dress that passed her on the street. She said she knew I was looking at her and commented about the way she was moving her hips and ass a little more than usual because she was with a guy. I guess it's a girl thing to notice this sort of stuff.

She had to go for her classes and picked up her bag and started walking off. I asked her to move her ass a little like the girl in the red dress and got a quick "No" to it. I asked one more time. She then jokingly said "don't frustrate me" and walked down the stairs.

This hot prawn is really fun and I'll write about Saturdays incident later.

Bar advice. If someone can still be in the mood to come see you even if they're not fully recovered form being ill, must be a special person. What sort of person are you?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sexual peaks

The fact is that men and women don't reach sexual peaks at the same time of their lives. Here I'll give you the best of what I assume happens to both men and women at different ages and stages of their lives.

On one hand guys can start to be active by sixteen and so can the girls. Some even earlier. Parents in this day and age have no clue as to what their children do. Sure it's all hush hush but when they are out of sight and you are out of mind. Sex is something exciting to them because it's taboo. Most of them would have had some form of sexual encounter already. It could be heavy petting, masturbation, oral sex with some already doing it fully.

Most guys reach their sexual peak between 18 to 24 yeras old. This is the time that they have the most energy, are seeking for it and can go about it all night long. Women at this age are a little awkward because they are in search of slightly different things. They want the whole package. Relationship, love and commitment is their agenda. This is because they have not peaked as yet and having a horny boy makes them feel good but they know what that boy is after. A lot of them do have sex as well but they were actually better when they were younger at age.

Women peak sexually at the age of 32 to 38 years old. Lot's of times guys don't understand why she seems to be in 'heat'. Biologically, her clock is speeding up a little because even if she doesn't know it, that this is the last chance to be pregnant and her body is sending weird signals to her brain. It's not only to her partner that she seeks a sexual feel but even people from work, during commute to work even strangers that give her the eye. She tends to feel that she needs all this extra attention before all her looks and body shape gets changed forever.

Most women will be either going to get their hair, nails or face done. Even if they never used Botox, they may try it. Some go to the extreme of plastic surgery to get lifts especially the breast area. They seem to be running a race against time. The attention of some younger men also perks their playful and sexual thoughts. They don't really understand it themselves but they seem to enjoy it even to the point that some become hostile towards their partners at home because at the back of their minds he will always be there but they belive time is running out but for what, even they can't figure it out.

Lot's of women these days go online to dating and sexual sites. Not that they are going to leave their partners but to just flirt and get response from men to their profiles. Some have no problems writing down that they are married. This safeguard is there but they know that men will still engage them if it's out there. There are some sites that has them in their underware, topless or even naked but face covered. they actaul paste their pictures on it. Why that? It just adds to the excitment that they are letting every man eye their body and normally the profile write up is just as exciting. If responses do come they play it by ear. It rarely becomes a real date or sexual encounter but sadly sometimes it may happen. Most of them also know that they can leave the site and remove all pictures anytime so the safety of not getting caught is there.

Guys that do the online surfing of women are really just doing that. The fact is that if they got just one girl that may correspond with them, they will not bother to get a second or third. This is because they know that they have a partner at home and they just want to flirt every once in a while and not get caught. Men are also out of it once their sexual peak is over. They worry more about work and family than other women. Hence, some women's need for male attractive glances because the workaholic partner is too dumb to understand her position and needs.

On the other hand. Women are 'set' by the time they pass their main sexual peak or just a little further till the point of menopause. However, men start to rekindle thier radars. Somehow they seem to have back up fuel that reignites into fire when they reach 55 to 60 years old. It's not about the sex really but the advances of younger women flirting with them is enough for them to start reaching for the oxygen tank yet they carry on in their own way. Men will try to make themselves seem younger in public but when he gets home he acts like he needs to be rushed to the emegency ward. Why? Well it's a throw off so his partner isn't suspicious. Although nothing is happening he's not going to let it explode into a war. His peace is at home. If he feels there may be danger he'll end it quickly.

All this going on will be oblivious to both sides but sometimes it gets strayed and divorce can become the reality they face. Nobody wants that to happen but it could. In our human nature and sense of wanting to be sexually attractive and young we loose the goal. What's that you ask? We only need to be all thses things for our partner and ourselves to be happy. Loosing track of this may put us in a awkward position and we may loose all that we have with our patners. We are human and we all have needs that our minds and bodies can't seem to work out for us. It's all left to what the heart knows is right.

Bar advice. If you took time to learn about what your partner, male and female, is all about and you put them above all others then you won't need anyone or anything else to satisfy yourself.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Family traditions.

hi5 angels

Each family , big or small, loud or quiet, has its own traditions that are followed more or less unchanged for a long period of time. Keeping these family traditions alive is not only the responsibility of the parents, but also the grandparents, the uncles and aunts, the family friends and in most cases the responsibility of children.

Whether you consider a family tradition to be the annual family vacations to that special place you visit every year, Christmas presents and birthday parties, mothers day or fathers day, the fact remains that families come closer and share the memories of past rituals performed to honor everyone.

When children are still young, so too are parents, family traditions seem to be more sentimental and involve a lot of playing around. As kids get older and parents as well, families try to keep their traditions alive by reaching mutual agreements among the family members. The son that wants to go to a football match and escape the tradition of having to sit down, like every other Sunday, with his whole ten-member family for dinner, can cause some trouble when allowed not to be present often. Keeping the tradition is thus not only the responsibility of the parents in a family, as people seem to believe, but also that of children who will at some point create their own traditions and strive to keep them alive in their own families. Understanding the importance of spending those precious moments with your parents or with your children, will lead you to cherish the instances you had a chance to speak through your actions.

Kids move to higher education and it may take them far from home so traditions fall apart. Some deny this fact by supporting that exactly because children spend less time with their folks they feel the need to do so and use those family traditions as an excuse to visit the house they grew up in. Whichever the case may be, the fact remains that families need those times together and family bonds do develop. Although in many cases these are greatly different from the past, bonds exist because of the family traditions still exist.

Thus, it is imperative for a family to find the right time in order to celebrate the fact that family is what you love most in the world. As a kid your family was the world you knew. As an adult, your family is the world you feel safe in.

Cherish and keep these family traditions alive by doing what you used to do as a kid. Remember and if you are given the chance help your mother bake cookies, wrap presents and put them under the Christmas tree, set up the mother's day dinner, buy the cake your brother or sister will blow the birthday candles on. Do whatever it takes. These are some of the most precious moments you can share with your beloved ones. Do not forget or let them vanish. Time is precious in life. Sometimes tragedies happen and we never get to talk or tell the people we love how we feel about them.

Bar advice. Family traditions get passed on to other generations. If you're using some your parents had, then great. If not, make new ones. Families bond better.

Mothers day

It's once again that special day when we honour our mums. Mother's day. We show our appreciation and love and those with kids enjoy the day together. People tend to do something special on that day like a big family lunch or dinner. Adults sometimes buy their mums a gift or a spa treatment to pamper her. These things are well and good but we sometimes need to be reminded of those that don't get to celebrate this day.

Some people may have been orphaned at birth. While this is sad, the fact is that orphans are made on a daily basis. How? Many different ways.

There is some kind of war going on in many parts of the world at the moment that you're reading this. We take things for granted when we live in more safe and secure places in the world but for those that are in war torn zones, under dictatorships or forced religious governments, don't have much of a choice.

The reverse can happen, whereby, a mother has a child killed with accidental bombings and shootings. In Darfor, western Sudan, the genocide that has taken place has left many griefing maothers and orphans. In Iraq the continued battle for power between the Shites and Sunni people caught in the middle of American occupation leaves little to say but utter chaos. In Sri Lanka the war goes on till today with only a small period of ease when the tsunami struck. North Korea has it's people starving because one man places himself at the top and makes all others worship him like a God.

There are so many other places that has it's share of problems as well. It needs to be said that mothers around the world cry out on a daily basis for losses in their families. Their cries hardly ever gets notice or heared. What can be done for changes to what is going on? Let's imagine the world on a more peaceful level.

If only people would put aside the difference of race, gender, colour and especially religion. The world we know today could become a different place. The news that we see on television could be on different topics than bloodshed and violence. Women around the world should try to find ways to make the rest of mankind change. Maybe it could be better to have a women in the White House in the USA. The other countries have had women lead the country before but never the US. So far the places that have been ruled by women are still in trouble though. Places like the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Argentina and more. What than are we to do?

At the end of it all. Life goes on for all. Mothers still continue to cry. Children long for their mothers to hold them again and put them to sleep. Women pray to the havens for help. Jesus had a mother. Buddha had one too. Mohammad must have as well. Can we not also make a change and sacrifice for the goodness of living in peace and happiness. Some of us may not have our mothers around anymore. We do have memories but the kids today may need us to help them. Choose the side of change so the world can be a better place for all and the tears of mothers and children may end.

Bar advice. One last mother that we have to help as well. Mother earth suffers in silence. It helps if we do our part to heal the planet instead of contributing to it's demise.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fnding a soulmate.

What is true matching about? It is about people that seem to be made for one another. But this may become a deceiving matter because matching begins with honesty.

1. The first thing you have to do is be honest with yourself, knowing who you are and what you are about. This issue tightly depends on your self esteem, so work it out at this instant, always keep in mind a good image of yourself, this is the essence of being ready for love!

2. Remember that unless you are ready to meet the love of your life, it won’t come for you, because everything depends on how much you want it to happen. Wise men say that when you really want something, the whole Universe rearranges itself for making your wish come true and believe me there is enough room for everybody’s desires. So let your desire grow stronger every day.

3. After you take a good look at yourself, hear what Mother Nature whispers in your ear about looking for someone of certain looks and physical features that suits you best. Did you know that soulmates almost look like one another? That soulmates may be so very different in appearance but still so alike? What makes them look alike, you may ask, if he is dark haired and she is blonde, or if she is black and he is white? There is that certain something named chemistry which makes them get connected and harmonize their everything: mimics, gestures, reactions. So before you get yourself connected, make a mental picture of your potential soulmate in every single detail of its appearance and all you have to do is recognize him/her when you look around! It is very important to know exactly the way you want it to be.

4. I can hear some of you saying that things are not easy as they seem to be, because matching is a complex scenario. I am telling you that things are difficult only when we do not know what we want and don’t have enough faith that nature will work for us and solve the complexity of matching scenario: habits, hobbies, humour, sharing the same values, location, background. Concentrate on the solution of the matter not on the issue itself, do your part of the job faithfully and do not worry.

5. Obviously that none of us wants to become haunted, obsessed by an ideal of love that never shows up, right? That’s why you have to cut the belt, free your mind of your desire (which has already put to work the invisible engines of the Universe, believe it or not !) and do your usual stuff.

6. And here comes the tough part, waiting! Wait for a while and let nature take action for how long as it takes. Take into account that you have already helped nature with your faith and your strong action. It’s a mutual thing. In love, as in everything, you get what you give.

7. Finally , let me share a secret with you. Don’t tell anyone you are about to meet your soulmate. The deepest desires must not be shared until they come true. Any interfering may disturb you from keeping a good image from yourself, letting your desire grow stronger, picturing in mind your soulmate, staying focused on what you have to do, letting your mind free and waiting faithfully.

Bar advice. You will know when it happens. It's like.... Magic!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Let's be honest. No woman really wants to be alone for the rest of her life. But does being alone mean you're doomed to be miserable forever? Definitely not! And does being single have to equal lonely? No way! You can have the best time of your life when you're single, but you wouldn't know that from our relationship obsessed society, where celebrity magazines devote the majority of their content to who's dating whom and the wedding industry is a $100-billion business. Yet more than a third of marriages end in divorce, and countless other couples languish in unions that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Bar advice. Don't become a statistic. Love yourself and never settle!

Being single till love comes along

Our planet is brimming with lots of people; undeniably though, finding true love can be considered a risky business. Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling with lots of happy thoughts emanating from the whole package of being in love, so why is finding true love considered a difficult challenge?

Most of us grew up with some fairy tale story about how a poor girl finds love with a handsome prince or a movie like Sinbad, where he gets the Maharajahs daughter. When we have seen shows or read books like that when we are young and our mom is sobbing at the end of the show because they lived happily ever after, we think that life is just like that. We wait and nothing happens. People don't really seem to bother at first when they're still young but when the mid thirties and forties creep on them, the panic starts to rattle slowly. You end up dealing with parents that want to match make you. Maybe even friends or colleagues that have brothers that you just assume kiss a frog than shake his hand.

Is finding love really so hard though? Or do we just make it hard? Finding love is not hard, but sometimes it takes a long time. So if you are single now then you are likely going go be single for awhile.Why? you got to open your heart to want to let someone love you. All material things, looks, race and more can be put aside or compromised to suit each other.in the mean time you're still single.

Here are some advantages of being single:

1. You are independent.
Basically you can do what you want when you want. You don't have to wait, you don't have to ask, you can just go.

2. More time when you're single.
You don't have to sit around doing nothing. Want to go to the bar? Want to join the hiking club? Play an instrument? How about taking salsa lessons? Want to take a course? Learn a new hobby? Go for a holiday? Sleep with someone you met? Who's stopping you?

3. No need to deal with a partners personal habits.
You can sleep without listening to someones snoring and hog all the blankets all the time and nobody cares. You don't have to pick up after anyone but yourself. And you don't even have to pick up after yourself if you don't want to.(Don't do that when you're with someone or he'll think you're a slob). You can prance around naked at home if you like. Give your patience a well-deserved break.

4. You can be spontaneous.
Be daring! Do what you want when you want to and who cares if you don't get to dinner until midnight? Do something out of the ordinary, without having to get permission first or calling ahead. This is freedom!

5. Focus on your career.
You can channel your energy into your work. Without a relationship, you have a lot more time. Put in those extra hours and impress your boss, or take on new projects.

6. You are your own boss.
Relationships need compromise and you don't always get your own way. Both people in a relationship have to give something up for the greater good of the relationship. Do what you want and treat yourself more? Selfishness is good for the soul(in small doses) but when we get married we do everything for the family. We sacrifice work, freedom, money, self and more for partner and even children. You have to know what you are seeking deep in your heart.

Don't stress! That special someone is out there and you can and will find them. It just takes time. For some it's later for others it was a mistake. The rest are coping. It's true. Isn't it?

In the meantime, enjoy being single for a while. In fact, if you can't be happy being single, you will never be happy with your soul mate! Kind of like rich and poor. There are lots of poor people who are happy and lots that are unhappy. Same with rich people. Lots are happy and lots are unhappy. Now what do you think would happen if we took a poor person who was unhappy, and gave them lots of money? Guess what? They would probably be happy for a short time, but it wouldn't last and eventually they would be just as unhappy as they were.

Ever wonder why that is? Being happy comes from inside of you not outside. OK, you are single; enjoy yourself and that special person will come along before you know it!

Bar advice. For those that are parents now with children. Change the fairy tale stories a little to emphasise the realities of the modern world but remind them of the oldest and most cherished thing. Love.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Waxing videos

Just to show how silly and painful this stuff can be. Also, because this girl looks like Kat in this one.

Check out these girls trying this for the first time. Ladies, this is what you can expect. Take a look at their faces.

Bar advice. This is really up to the individual. Do it or don't. All I know is I can't wait for next Saturday for the next topics.

Info about body waxing

I scrapped up some info about body waxing. Well, waxing of all areas actually. Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots and not just from the skin's surface.

Hair in waxed areas re-grows lighter and more sparse and slower. After your first wax, the results can last 4 to 6 weeks depending on the individuals hair re-growth. In most cases, hair growth is minimal during the first week or two and noticeably increases in the third and fourth week at which point you should be thinking of making another appointment. Failure to do so will only make your hairs longer and the next session will not be easier than the first. Your body adjusts with continued waxing so each session becomes less painful and is finished more rapidly.

People have varying pain thresholds. Ladies coming for Brazilian and full bikini are recommended not to come whilst you are menstruating or in the few days leading up to this time as it is a very sensitive time where all feelings are heightened. Do not come for a wax if you are extremely hung over, generally the body is then dehydrated and the pores tend to be tighter. It is therefore also advise that even if not hung over to ensure that you are not dehydrated anyway.

Some places do not recommend waxing for persons suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection. Most do not experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritation. Hair may break at the root during waxing, causing some hairs to grow out faster. Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and wear sun screen; recently waxed areas are prone to hyper pigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun. Avoid heavy exercise, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heated sources for at least 48 hours. Do not use exfoliating products, body brush or a loofah after waxing. Avoid tight clothing after waxing, especially in the waxed areas. Tight clothing may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation Unfortunately, no shower or oral sex for 10 hours after a Brazilian, sac 'n crack or full Monty. All areas of the body that have been waxed should be cleaned with a body brush on a daily basis and moisturised.

Those of you that haven't done this before, see what you have to go through to have this done. I can just imagine the guys doing theirs. Men probably shave it but some may wax. Why? If this is the torture you have to go through than why do it? Maybe the guy has a hot ass chick that wants it like that and if he doesn't then she's going to find someone else. Women may say that it's more hygienic and less hassle if they want to get into certain clothing, wear certain lingerie or a bikini. That's fine but some six weeks down the line it's back to the start all over again.

Bar advice. Now that I have uncovered the gruelling details into this, I still have to shout out, "Any women that wants the shave and massage treatment, just comment here". That includes Kat, that little pus....meow.

Waxing for ladies.

Saturday came and Kat(meow) did show up. She got there a little late but said that there were no dance classes that weekend. When I asked why than she was there, she said that she went a few streets down to get a waxing done. My radar went on high alert especially seeing her hot ass in shorts as well.

I know it sounds like very male, whatever you want to call it, but "hey" I'm human too. Don't forget she's reading this as well. She already commented on this blog. We did also speak about what I wrote about her Chinese and English zodiac signs. It seems that she got some friends to read it as well and they agree that it's her alright. Anyway back to the latest stuff. Just before that, I pricked her with my finger and blew the top just to indicate that her ass was hot. She laughed her in cute way.

I wanted to know if she got a bikini or Brazilian wax job and she told me the latter. I said I could do it for free next time. More cute laughing again. I was flirting. What's a guy to do when a girl tells him something like that. I was imagining myself with running hot water, foam, a shaver and her naked body. I know it's not waxing. I wouldn't know how really and it sounds painful. Right? I rather have her screams and moans be pleasurable than tearing the hair from her vagina area. Hell, I'll even throw in a massage. Now that; I'm good at. Any lady takers? Guaranteed, no strings.

There's one really nice thing about this girl. She is fairly extrovert and open minded. Some may say it's a character flaw but it sure beats the deceptive people out there. Truth and honesty in a person is a good thing. We just really started talking to each other on a different level and it becomes really interesting conversation. It also feels comfortable to both. People that can converse on all subjects, not hold back and enjoy the discussion, often want to it more as well. I believe that's why she's even talking to me.

When she first came to the bar alone, she didn't talk. I talked to her first and ever since then, she talks to me every time after. To me it's due to the fact that when I speak, all words, pronunciation, vocabulary and subjects, is something that she hasn't found in other local people. She has told me that a lot of the people that she goes out with are expats that live here. My guess is that she is seeking for similar intellectual people to have a good time with.

How many times in this blog have I stressed the importance of conversation. It is key at all levels of a relationship. We are just becoming friends and I hope she drops by every Saturday. We joked about me becoming her 'shrink'. She'll see me once a week and the payment, well, I'll have to think something up. Anyway, the waxing that was done must have hurt so I'll go find out about the procedures and get more info about it and hope that if I can solve the pain issue I may get the chance to try it out with her. (Blog flirting here when she reads)

Bar advice. For the guys out there who are going to use this tactic on girls, just remember to tell her that you'll make sure it's smooth enough by testing it with your tongue.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Let the woman make the first move.

Whoever came up with the rule of thumb that guys should make the first move must be dead by now. It’s a totally outdated concept! Women have climbed the corporate ladder, battled with male politicians, voted, so why couldn't they go ahead and make the first move when meeting men?

It’s always scary to take that first step. We are all sprinkled with ingredients of rejection in varying amounts. If only we could predict whether or not a person would turn us down, then we wouldn't bother to sit beside her and waste some $10 on a drink.

If it’s too much of a hassle for you to approach a woman, then just reverse the whole situation. Charm your way to her and let her make the first move. If there is one traditional formula to do that, that will be the magic of eye contact.

Making eye contact, as simple as it is, can be a little tricky. The eyes can communicate a thousand words in those precious seconds you met her eyes. Make sure you have the right look in your eyes. How do you know when you've achieved the correct look? What's in your mind is basically what would be projected in your eyes. So if you are thinking to go get a girl and get her to bed, that tinge of lust would be caught in your eye. I say this many times for the guys. men look everywhere, women look into the eyes. They want to see into the soul of the man who's in front of her. I seldom look at a woman direct as well unless I'm really interested, someway or another, in her. Still, the best way is to have good eye contact.

So the next time you sit in a bar or shop in a mall and see a woman you might want to have a date with, here's what you need to do. Stare seriously at her eyes, not at her legs or anywhere else. It doesn't matter if she's looking at you or not. It's a common thing for people to be conscious of the people looking at them. If she feels your eyes on her, she will eventually acknowledge that she knows you are looking by giving her own look. When this happens, simply smile back at her. Don't wink or lick your lips, please! The few seconds you lock her in eye contact may be all the chance you're going to get to make an impression, so don't blow it!

If she stares back that gives you the green light signal. It's even better if she gives you a shy smile, which simply means she's open to the thought of meeting you. Next thing you know, she might come up and talk. Women like to sometimes approach by doing a "passing chance". What's that? Well, she will get up from her seat and head in your direction but she will pass you. Normally it's to go to the toilets or something like that but she's secretly hoping that you'll stop her and start up a conversation. She's got tricks of her own you see. When you see this happening jump at the chance. Women don't want to start it off for fear that she will be embarrassed that's why. Try it. It works.

Bar advice. Women should really make the first move at times. Why? Guys sometimes need to be led. They are like software that needs to be fed info about what to do. Their mothers have been giving them instructions all their lives so continue the programming. Some guys don't know what to do if their not told or allowed.

Discussing about sex

Discussing sex incorrectly or at the wrong time with your partner can lead to a number of undesirable consequences. You should not want your date to judge you, and you don't want your discussion to be marked with anger.

Many people are afraid of these problems. They are very shy when it comes to talking about sex with their partner. At the same time, if you are comfortable enough to have sex with someone, you should also be able to discuss it with them. However, one of the most difficult aspects of sex is bringing it up with someone you that you've never discussed the topic with before.

My advice to you is to avoid bringing up the subject of sex on the first date. It may very well be a recipe for disaster. Bringing up the discussion of sex on the first date will convey a message that you are not interested in their personality, but are instead simply focused on sex. This is perhaps one of the fastest ways to end a date. To avoid this problem, you must use self control. Get to know the person first before trying to immediately bring up the discussion of sex. You should take the time to become comfortable with the person you are dating. Once you have been on multiple dates with a person, and the two of you are more comfortable with each other, you can then bring up the discussion. Guys especially are in too much of a hurry. Why? Well he thinks that he may not get a second shot.

Even then, this should be done in a cordial manner. Avoid using vulgar words or expressions. You could ask the person if they are interested in spending more quality time with you alone. More often than not, this will convey the message that you are trying to get across, and they will either accept it or reject it. If your request is rejected, they will likely have a reason for it, and talking to them about it can allow you to learn more. In most cases, the person may want to get to know you better, or they may have a specific period of time they wish to wait before they engage in sexual relations with their partner. You should be searching for love as well, remember.

If you respect your date, you will understand this. It is wise to avoid trying to pressure someone into doing something they don't want to do. When they are ready, it will be much better for the both of you. Sex is a sensitive topic, and people will have their own beliefs based on their culture, religion, and upbringing. It is important for you to understand this.

We all want it. Yes, even the women, but we sometimes do stupid things when our animal instincts take over. Being horny is natural. Both men and women are, but, we have to be on the same page to enjoy each others comforts. Frankly, if you love someone and you're having sex with them as well, it's got to be the best feeling ever. true feelings of love in your heart adds to the act of making love. That's the kind of relationship that last a lifetime. The connection is strong and both partners know what the needs of the other one's are.

The first date sex may actually happen. Sometimes both people are just lonely or want to be loved for whatever reason and figure out the rest the next day. It's a chance taken and hopefully not regretted. It sometimes works out but it may just end. Some do it because they haven't been with anyone for a long period or the date resembles someone before. Some do it because they may be promiscuous. Try to get a sense of your dates intentions or non intentions. This is something that can't really be taught.

Bar advice. If you're going to go on dates. Be honest. True. Have fun. Flirt, but if the subject of sex does come up, don't ignore it. It may go either way. Good or bad. You'll be surprised that in this day and age, most people can talk about it fairly easy and they don't end up in bed unless they really want to.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Danca Brasil Samba Show & Salsa girls

Bar advice. It's a cultural thing that all of us enjoy. 'Hot ass' dancing seems to be the in thing in all clubs as well. More people the merrier.

Dirty Dancing

I just met this girl from a salsa bar that came by to my place. Kat's here name. I'm nicknaming her "meow". She is a sweet looking kitten. A little petite and in great shape. That's because she's taking up dancing lessons. Salsa.

Hot and steamy, dirty dancing, hips gyrating, pelvis shaking and kick ass moving. What more can I say. Well, when I met her the second time she was in this really tight outfit that contoured her body. Drool guys. Anyway, the third time, she was at the bar to meet a friend but she arrived first so it gave me an opportunity to talk to her. During the conversation I mentioned to her about the whole 'hot ass' that I was checking out and we had a nice laugh about it. She even said that she was glad that she still has admirers out there. A bit of reverse flirting from her but why wouldn't there be. Dancers are always in good shape. Where has anyone come across a dancer that was out of shape? It's just as good as doing exercises. A great cardiovascular workout.

Later we started talking about zodiac signs. We spoke a little about it on our second meet and we got into talking about the characteristics and compatibility of others. She said that her sign is Aries and a Dragon. I have emailed her all about the Dragon but I left out the Aries part so I decided to write it here.

When they are in top form (which is often) Aries are: valorous, dexterous, affable, gifted, enterprising,well-meaning, quick-witted , lusty, daring, persuasive, competent, honest and thrifty.

But at their worst, Aries are promiscuous, willful, excessive, gullible, sanctimonious, authoritarian, rigid, belligerent, self-indulgent, isolate , brash, tightfisted, pushy and obstinate beyond all reason.

The very essence of Aries is vigor. They are born dynamic and spend their lives demonstrating a titanic ability to accomplish both manual and creative tasks in a trice. They are single-minded, capable and charmingly, babyishly naïve.

Aries is symbolized by the Ram.Rams are ramrod strong. They are also famous for tumbling slews of Damsels in distress. So not only are they powerful, Rams are uncommonly sexual.

This Ram portrait.
Aggressive, pushy and adolescently horny - is about right on where your average Aries human is concerned. Aries people are hard driving go-getter's who invariably overdo and over achieve. Aries is the first sign of the western zodiac. Untested, unsophisticated and genuine to a fault. Aries charges through life, bumping into obstacle after obstacle then getting bravely up, only to wonder where the lumps and scrapes and bruises came from. She holds no grudges. She'd rather forget the whole ugly experience and carry on as though nothing had happened. Aries live mostly in the present, ignore disagreeable memories and do not belabor the future.

Aries are believers in life with a capital 'L'. They really trust in their heart of hearts that everything is going to work out all right. When it doesn't. They simply pretend that it did.

Aries are not even remotely brainless. But they are stubbornly naive. They protect their innocence and refuse to admit to cynicism or cunning. People born in Aries don't fare well in shady dealings or tolerate folks who have dubious motives. For most Aries, if the world were a perfect place, life would be chockablock with nice people who do nice things for each other in a very nice atmosphere. Obviously, Aries are often disappointed in others.

Aries are also forthright. They blurt out exactly what they think. They adore spontaneity, prefer not to have to plan ahead and don't mind having to react instantaneously. This absolute worship of the seat-of-the-pants method of action can cause others to misapprehend Arie's motives. Not to worry. Aries are unusually true blue. They don't like to lie (unless they're lawyers) and just about never conceal their intentions. In fact, they don't seem to have deep seeded intentions. Just facts and results.

The Aries chasm is deep. They fall and fall down some more. When they finally hit bottom, they have to creep around on their hands and knees picking up rocks and turning over pebbles looking for a shred of soulful emotion. Aries are doers and goers who get on admirably with the business of life. Aries always favor outcome over emotion. They claim to love luxury and pleasure but whenever they get some lush leisure time, they find themselves bored and hurry up to get the down time over with so they can jet back into action.

In love, Aries are devoutly committed. However, due to their obsessive naive, they are stunned when love fails. "He left with my best friend! I got home from work. No clothes! No dog! No furniture! They were all gone!" Poor Aries. She didn't hear her lover's complaints or notice his numerous flirtations or understand his emotional needs.

So if you love one of these brave, soldierly creatures, don't expect to be drowning in fountains of emotion. However, on the plus side, you won't have to put up with much depression either. Get on with enjoying how talented your Aries partner is for fixing the plumbing, decorating the family room and taking the bus. She needs to be busy. Can't sit still sometimes.

Professions? Aries can do anything that requires keeping perpetually busy. They make wonderful painters and sculptors and ceramists because they are precise and work so well with their hands. I don't see much hope for Aries psychiatrists or private detectives or police officers. Aries people should stick to hands on jobs like engineering and architecture and designing and plumbing and heating and sewing and surgery and maybe even driving the bus. Hopefully one can become a salsa teacher.

Bar advice. I know she's going to 'kill' me for writing this but when you're in this business, we give out the advice that others won't. I don't know how to dance salsa but this is the only dirty dancing I can do with an Aries/Dragon. 'Hot ass', if you're reading, see you on Saturday.