Thursday, June 28, 2007

Up and coming soon.

It's been 10 years since Princess Diana died. There's going to be a concert coming up on 1st July 2007. her sons, Prince William and Harry will be in attendance along with lots of guest artist and big name stars. Her death anniversary will bring back a lot of memories as well. What do you think?

On the 7th July 2007,(07/07/07) there will be the "Live Earth" concert. It is an event that will go on for a 24 hour period on several continents with over 150 stars taking part to bring more awareness about the global green message and saving the world from pollution, green house gases, global warming and so on. What do you think about this?

Bar advice. How do these affect you? I will be blogging about this further on.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The 9 Power touches

Here is a secret for guys to learn. Exteroceptors are the skin's sensory nerves that sense touch. Women have millions of exterceptors in their skin, and most are concentrated around her lips, hands, and the erogenous zones.

By stimulating a woman's erogenous zones, you're not only telling her subconsciously that you're an incredible, experienced lover, but you awaken her sexual drive and lust. The Hands of Fire ritual is so intimate, you want to make sure that she feels completely comfortable and relaxed first.

Have her sit down on the floor or bed, cross-legged facing you. Start the session off first with voice stimulation. The voice connects all of the sessions together and makes her feel comfortable. Next, do a breathing ritual with her to make her completely relaxed, and finally get her comfortable with your touch. Now tell her you're going to show her something new, and ask her if she feels completely comfortable with you and trusts you 100%.Have her say "yes" and "yes".

Tell her, "Did you know that you have special 'hot spots' all over your body? Well I'm going to show you where they are and how to awaken them." Once again reinforce it by making her say "yes".

As you do this ritual, imagine that hot, white light and fire is burning from your fingertips, warming whatever they touch. Your fire hands will actually become warmer to the touch this way and she'll feel it. If you think this won't work then it won't. The human mind can make things feel and sense differently with the power of suggestion.

Touch her slowly, softly, and gently. Linger. Enjoy each moment for the sake of the moment. Focus on enjoying the process, not on the completion. Take your time with the lady. Have patience. Don't make it like a hooker having a quickie.

Caress #1: THE WRISTS

Tell her that her first hot spot is her wrists. Proceed to lightly caress them for they are full of exteroceptors.


The "insides" of her elbows, where you feel the soft connective tissue, is extremely sensitive to touch and a prime erogenous zone yet most men don't know about it. This is the next area to lightly caress. Pace the situation and tell her in a slow, sexy voice exactly what you are touching and why.


Reach around to her lower back. Caressing her lower back increases the amount of blood flow to the pelvis and accelerates her arousal. Again, with each of the caressing touches, tell her what you are touching and how it is another hot spot.

Caress #4: BACK OF NECK

Gently stroke the back of her neck. The back of her neck carries a lot of muscle tension that touching releases.

Caress #5: THE JAWBONE

The front of the neck and the ridge of the jawbone is an extremely sensitive part of the woman. Lightly trace along her jawbone and the front of her neck with your fingers.

Caress #6: THE EYES

Caress the area around her eyes. As you touch them, keep your eyes open and gaze steadily into hers, even if she drops her eyelids. Keep eye contact to maintain a sense of connection with her and in some cases it makes her feel a huge amount of sexual energy.

Caress #7: THE NOSE & LIPS

Lightly caress her nose with your fingertip. Gradually extend the caresses down to her lips, and then back up to her nose.

Caress #8: THE CHEEKS

Begin from beneath the eye and lightly stroke down her cheek. Gently with the palms as well.


Caress the hollows on both sides of her left or right foot, located between her Achilles tendon and the anklebone. By now moving away from her most highly erogenous areas, you heighten the sexual urgency that she has.

The 9 power touches actually touch a woman in ways that most men never bother to explore. No man will ever have taken the time to touch her like that before in her life.

You can end the day's session with more voice suggestion or a massage, but if
she wants to man-eat you alive by now, begin a hot, passionate lovemaking session. Otherwise, don't push or initiate anything more and let her sit there and burn with the new, smashing sexual feelings. She's not going to forget you anytime soon.

And you don't need to have the entire ritual perfectly memorized. Add a few hot spots or improvise as you go. It doesn't really matter what parts you're touching as long as you're touching. You may also want to keep a small note card by your side listing all the erogenous zones so that you don't forget them. Remember when she moaned at certain touches.

Self-hypnosis is an extremely quick and effective way to practice ahead of time as well. As you read the different strokes involved, imagine a scene in your head where you're performing them on a woman. Notice how your hands get hot, how she moves at your touch, how she becomes aroused and how she sighs with pleasure. Keep practicing the scene until you've experienced it so many times that it seems like second nature to you.

Bar advice. Remember, your woman must know that you believe that every part of a woman's body is sensual. Every part of a woman's body is responsive. Everything is natural and normal.

Guide to the "Hot girl".

Here we have a twenty one year old girl giving the real truth about how some "hot girls" really are. What they think, do and say. she shows some examples and how the guys fall flat on their faces and ass over them.

Bar advice. Guys should pick up a few tips from this young lady. Ladies too.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Gentleman's Guide to Seduction(DVD)

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Stop sitting all alone at night while the other guys get all the action. Now it's your turn. GUARANTEED! Here's what you'll learn.

The only opening line you'll ever need. Use it anywhere, in any situation. Find out what really turns woman on from women themselves. Instantly build your confidence with simple yet very effective exercises you can do right now. How to get her phone number. How to ask her out. Where to take her. What to talk about. How to steal that first awkward kiss. How to get into her apartment. How to get her into your apartment. How to make her want you as much as you want her and much more!

Bar advice. The Gentleman's Guide to Seduction can help some that don't know what to do and may just help those that need to get that extra help.

When I see other guys try their luck with girls.

Last week I went to a bar where my friend is the DJ. Met up with a few other guys and the owner of the place. The owner is married and he's got a really understanding wife. She likes to drink and party with the guys as well but there's no funny business from both with the people that patron the bar. Just business and working the crowds.

That's great to see something like that. Not many people will enjoy such good times with their partner. Being with your partner almost the whole day sometimes leads to quarrels and a sense of smothering. It works for some but for a lot of others, especially men, like a little breathing room. I guess it's a guy thing. I won't be getting into that for now.

That night four lovely ladies came in with a guy and sat at the back of the bar area which had more room for all of them. Later the guy left, I suppose, because I went towards that direction since the toilets were there. Coming out, I glanced in their direction and noticed attracting smiles and heard whispers among themselves. Seeing that it was just them, I got my drink and moved to their table. In seconds all of them introduced themselves and we got on really well.

After some time, my friend came over and sat next to me but he just talked about some songs that were coming up. Immediately, I introduced him to them. I know that he wasn't there for me but what he really was up to was to have a closer look at the ladies. It is a tactic whereby the woman will feel comfortable the next time they come in. With me being there it made it easy for him. Later the other guy also did the same thing. Then came the boss himself and the wife in tow. He was just amazed that I was with these four ladies and the fact that it was their first time there just blew him away.

As the night went on, I was told that one was a sister to the other. One a friend and the other was getting married in a week. It looked more like a hen night then a gathering of friends. I wasn't about to do the striptease bit. Just before I got out of there, some guys that were nearby got closer and were watching the girls. One finally approached and said something to her. I didn't hear what it was but he got a smiling response from her.

The others never came forward but I could see the main guy still watching and keeping eye contact with the girl. I did mention to the girl next to me that he was the only one that did try to do something and because I was there it may have put him off from more conversation. She also asked how was it that I dared to come up to talk to them and such while others were staying away. Deep inside me I know about such things but I just told her that she can read about it on this blog.

It's amazing to me when I see other guys try their luck with girls. There seems to still be that unsure, non confident, shy, boy like and sometimes cowardly approach to women. Yes! The fact that women today are more informed, better educate and know what they want, should not leave guys to despair that she may look at you differently or worse of all reject your approach. Being shot down by a woman is not the end of the world. One may actually like you but if you don't try, ask or approach then how will you know?

Eventually I left after getting her email address. Hopefully those other guys did catch a break after I went. I didn't stick around to find out.

Bar advice. Many methods can be used to approach girls. First dig deep inside you to see if you're ready for the next step after you got her attention. Ask yourself,"Now what?"

Intimate Loving (DVD)

Women reveal what they secretly find attractive in a man and what they really want. Attractive real life couples show how to fulfill a woman's most intimate desires. Discover new lessons in romance through proven techniques. Elicit deeper emotions by better understanding her physical needs. Explore role playing and fantasies. Learn how to express your passion and be a great lover. Keep her satisfied forever!
-What's really attractive in a man
-Techniques that work every time
-Eliciting deeper emotions
-Expressing passion
-Being adventurous in love

DVD Special Features:
- Multilingual: English, Spanish and French dialog
- Subtitles for the hearing impaired
- Tips from Dr. Patti Britton
- On-screen sex encyclopedia
- Full length bonus scenes
- Links to important sites

Bar advice. If you're the sort that need more visual directions then get this. It may help.

Getting to commitment

A very worthwhile read for anyone in any type of relationship. Book covers topics to make you more aware of the motivations for your own behavior and reactions to other people. Good for men and women, people who don't think they have relating problems and for those who know they do. It is worth your time.

Bar advice. Where do you stand in the face of commitment? Is the relationship going anywhere?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Will Sex add to commitment?

You may imagine that agreeing to have sex before you have a monogamous commitment from a man could lead to the commitment you seek. Wrong. If he gets to have sex with you before commitment, you lose some of your power to get him to commit. After all, why should he commit further if he’s already having sex with you?

Yes, you may answer, but with sexual intimacy he’ll fall for me even more. Wrong again. With sexual intimacy before commitment, all you know is that his cock is in love with your vagina. You are beautiful, feminine, and have a gorgeous, fully shaved vagina. Of course, he’s in love with your sexual organs! What man wouldn’t be? But you want his love for you to come before his love for your sexual organs.

By the way, “instant commitments” don’t count. If you’ve teased him to the point of nakedness or of being only an undergarment away from nakedness, and then ask him, “You do love me, don’t you?” do not be fooled by the answer “Of course I do.” That is his manhood talking. At this point his brain has been kidnapped by his throbbing manhood. All his brain blood now resides in his swollen enlarged one, and his is totally not in charge of what his mouth says. “Of course I love you” means “Of course I love your body.” If you let a "Good Man" have sex with you before commitment, you risk losing that "Good Man" because you were too easy; you weren’t selective or demanding enough.

Be patient. Get the commitment first. You need to have sex only with a committed "Good Man".

It may take you several weeks or several months of dating a man to determine whether you want to have sex with him. This is not an unreasonable time frame for such an important decision. Again, it is totally appropriate to share your thoughts with a man regarding your qualifications of a "Good Man" and your fundamental needs. Also discuss how he sees your relationship, both now and in the future. If you decide that sex with this man is appropriate for you, then mutually commit to monogamy and go for it. If he is unwilling to commit to monogamy, do not agree to have sex with him.

One last thing to add. Women also want to have great sex. Most men don't know this so if you like the guy that much and you want to enjoy time with that guy sexually then go for it. Just remember that if there is no commitment from it later then you know it was your fault. So if that's what you decide then you won't feel let down later.

Bar advice. ladies take some time if you feel that he's the Mr. Right. Guys be patient with her because she deserves respect.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Meeting new people

This one is a little short as I'm running out of time at the moment. Last weekend it was raining a little. Business was alright for a while. Nice people were coming by the bar. Things were going well.

Later in the night two girls and a gentleman arrived and got a table. Got their orders and later was doing other stuff. I kept looking at this girl Grace, I got her name later that night, because she sat facing me. I recognized her from the last time she came. The guy as well actually. The other girl was there the first time.

Suddenly it begin to rain down hard. Others that were outside came inside as well. it was alright for a while but it begin to rain even harder. I got out a squeegee to push water that was coming in and flooding the floor a little. Just then Grace begin to talk to me. What else to start a conversation but to talk about the weather. I thought to myself,"smart girl". I kept going back and forth a little doing things to secure the place from the rains and dropped a sentence or two every time I passed the table.

I knew that I was running out of things to do near them so I gave it one last suggestion to her. I told her that if the water was a problem that they should come to the bar counter where it was dry. I, of course being behind the bar, wanted her to come over. She stayed there with them for a while but eventually she got up and did move to the bar counter with them. Immediately she engaged into conversation with me. It didn't matter that the two others were there. She seems to be this little ball of fire that was really so sweet looking. Hot as well and intelligent.

Later we got into this guessing game about where they were from and I guessed correct that she and the other girl were from the Philippines and the guy was from France. The guessing about age sort of shot me down when I guessed her older than she actually was. We did the whole zodiac sign thing. I really just wanted to dig a little more about her character. Several occasions she mentioned that they were all just friends. In conversation, several times, she reached out to touch me on the arm that was leaning on the counter but than again she held hands with the french guy as well.

I was wondering what was going on. Are they together? Anyway, she happen to fall between two zodiac signs. Ones that I like and am at the same time. We talked about relationships and such because she was stunned that I wasn't married or had ever been. I finally told her about this blog as well and the moment she asked for the url, I also managed to get her email address. Luck I guess.

This exotic creature is so bubbly. Fun and alive and seems so happy unfortunately it looks like she may leave her sales job here to join Emirates airlines later. Can't blame her for thinking about her future. Hope she does well.

Bar advice. Some women know when someone likes them and some know what they want. She said she'll read the blog so Grace of you're reading. Cheers!

Trying to get a date by sms.

With the modern technology that we have today I suppose that to sms a girl to go out is not the worst thing that you can do. However, personal calling is always better. It gives a guy better manners and a girl seeing you in better light.

Why did I refer to it as a guy doing that? Well, it may also be done by girls but most likely teenagers. Men tend to be speechless when asking women out. They have to plan the whole conversation. What they're going to say and sometimes they blurt out the wrong things and the plan just balls up so it's back to the drawing board and kiss that date goodbye.

Why would they use the sms method? This can also apply to the women in reverse. One good thing is that you just have to write things down. She can't see your face or hear the tone of your voice. If asked a question by sms a man can take some time to slowly answer back after he got advice from three of his beer drinking buddies sitting next to him. He won't get caught off guard and say the wrong thing. Plans can be made with short and sharp text.

If you're sending the sms to a girl for the first time, never use the words "remember me" in the text. The reason is because it looks like the guy needs her assurance of his presence. It lowers his capacity in her mind. Instead imagine that she already remembers you. One reason is that when she gave you her number she must have been comfortable in doing so when you met her or she was already attracted to you. if it's the latter then you're in luck.

Just because there's a good response it doesn't mean that she's going to throw herself at you. At least it gives you a chance to deploy some intensive attraction moves on her when you do meet up. That's a whole new blog subject on it's own.

A guy is going to take forever to send that first sms(it get easier later) but just send it and not worry about the outcome. This means that if she can make it, go. Enjoy the day with her. If she can't then let it be. She has that choice. Be hopeful that she may get back to you if her plans don't work out.

Bar advice. Some of these technological devices can help ease the dating game. Just know what you're in for.

How does she see you?

Where do you stand with this girl? Is she seeing you the way you think she is or are you imagining what you want and the reality is that she's not that into you. Guys, repeat after me.

"Doing anything for the girl won't work if she doesn't like you in
the first damn place."

Having the girl attracted to you is the first step before everything else. Most guys get things all wrong. They mess up the sequence because they're thinking with the wrong head. They end up showering her with soft toys, fine dining, jewelery or some self made item to prove his love. Give me a break! It looks like he's trying to buy his way in. There's probably some dummy that tattooed her name on his chest with a little heart like Miami Ink. He might as well have done it on his ass because he's about to get shit on.

If she didn't really and I mean really like you in the first place or you never checked if she did and she was only letting you be near her because she didn't want to hurt your feelings, then prepare for pain. Cruel truth is many guys have gone true the incident where they have done so much stuff for the girl and another guy just comes along and excites her and becomes her boyfriend. Here you got to loose the baggage, cut loose and move on. Have some pride but learn the lesson.

Once again I stress that she must like you immensely or massively for anything real to happen. That is the first line of of action that will prevent any other guy from taking her away or from getting you dumped with a big hole in your pocket. Tattooing someones name on any part of your body is stupid as well. Doing it for love as a anniversary present after 10 years of marriage is different. You already won her heart so branding yourself will make only your wife think you're dumb.

Have you guys ever had your dad or uncle advise you to "Make friends first" or "Get to know her and see how it goes"? There are guys that do that but they take the "make friends" part too strongly that the girl sees it that way as well and he won't end up with anyone. Yikes!

Guys, you got to make her see you as a "lover figure" and not a "friend figure". The worst thing that can happen is if another guy comes along and she tells him that you're like a "brother" to her and starts flirting with him. You'll be out on your ass again.

Bar advice. Call it man, lover, boyfriend or whatever cute name she got for you. You got to create the environment in her mind that you're her guy. The one she desires for intimacy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day

The one day of the year that is just like mothers day except we all seem to appreciate mom more. Somehow dad is like distant and reserved. Maybe not all but most out there. Some are not even around.

Lets not focus too much on negatives but the truth is that it's more of a natural instinct with mothers than fathers for taking care of the family. I mean this in the sense of the family nucleus and not just the paying of bills and such. One good example is to see that when your dad goes on a business trip or gets sick, things seem to still run like clockwork but with mom, it's a different story.

When she goes away for just a day, magically we start loosing things or we can't find them. If she gets on a diet, we're all on a diet because the food is going to be cooked like a dietitian did it. If she gets sick, Oh! boy look out. We all got to fend for ourselves, get our own meals, do laundry, be quiet in the house while fighting with brothers and sisters and even dad is going crazy with everyone because he can't seem to function as well. It becomes a zoo but with her weaken self, mom still finds the way to get out of bed and magically sort everything out in ten minutes and get back to the bed to rest.

Dad's are more of what we see as the guy that makes the money. Takes care of the bills. Who we go to to get some pocket money or when we want to buy something. He's the protector of the home. If we're being bullied by someone or the neighbours kid is making life difficult for us and maybe if we got in trouble with the law. We some how call on him to "fix" it. We think that dad is this hero with super powers that will defend us from bad things.

As we celebrate father's day we think about what mom saw in him before we were here. Some dads are mean old bastards. Some not fit to take that role. Others are just kids themselves while others still behave like kids. Lots of dads don't know what a father is suppose to do because they never had a father. The list goes on and on. Nobody is perfect and sometimes even dad's can't protect us from the world.

In most normal families the father is the disciplinarian. The guy that looks after us, advises us, teaches us, helps us and loves us. He's the guy we can count on when you need help. If you're a guy, he thought you about sports and took you to the hospital when something got broke. If you're a girl, he interfered with all the boyfriends you had but walked you down the isle and gave you away as a bride. With years of memories from the day we were born and knowing that mom is the superglue that keeps everyone together, our father's probably never get the worthy recognition they deserve.

Sometimes I wished my dad was still alive. I never got to tell him so many things. Maybe the relationship could have been better than what we had. Not all fathers and their children have close bonds. We make the best with what we got. Even if you're poor, but family is strong, you'll always be feeling rich. Which dad won't want to have a good life for his family?

Bar advice. For all fathers out there. When you walk into a room and you see your children's eyes lights and a smile appears, you're doing fine. Happy fathers day.

Monday, June 11, 2007


What can be said about this movie. Those that watched it can relate to all three stars in the movie. The situation and delema of people starting out in a relationship.

Have we done things of this nature? Possibly. Will smith shows what it takes and what needs to be said to "get the girl". Well' he is the star of the movie but in reality we got to see that what he said is sometimes what guys really feel but just don't know how to go about it.

Here the scene is set with a phone call to get a date for the first time. Guys that meet with girls react like little boys sometimes because they are men. Does that make sense? To women it does. To guys it's just a "thing we do".

Movies like Jerry Maguire, whereby Tom Cruise mentioned the words "you complete me" and went all over the world, is practically impossible. Yes, we all know it's a romance movie script but in reality no one can do that by being with another person. The only person that can "complete" someone is that person him or herself. Your partner may make you feel good and such but what "completes" us is ourselves. A spiritual sense within that we can develope with others that we realte to. Think about it.

Bar advice. Movies like this can nice to watch. We all love a happy ending. Who doesn't? How's things with you?

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Bar advice. If you want to get more money tham you can ever imagine, here it is! There's a lot of scams and crap out there but this is the real deal. Don't miss out on this one. What more, it's Free.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spiritual relationship

What words come to mind when we ment word spiritual. We think of religion and all its practices and laws. Well, I'm not referring to that. We need to see the spiritual interior of ourselves in this world. You're probably wondering what I'm babbling about.

Having a spiritual relationship is the connection that we have with people in our lives that comes from deep within us. If we are in a relationship with someone, be it a wife or girlfriend, we need to ask ourselves one question. What is my intentions? In days gone by, old folks use to ask this same question to the boy that came over seeking for the ladies hand in marriage. A forgotten practice that we should learn from.

Take some time to just write down five things that describe what your relationship is like in your life right now. Don't write things you want or hope it can be but what the situation is really like for you in you heart and mind. If it's boring, frustrating or passionless, just say so. Now get your partner to do the same. If it's all done with sincerity, not to cause hurt or anger and to better the relationship then the results will amaze both people. Why, you ask?

It will strike up conversations between both sides about what they really feel and think about the relationship at that point in their lives. It makes you sit up and take note of the other person. Who they are and what they are still hoping to achieve. Do they feel loved? Am I doing my part? Is there something missing between us? Do I make my better half happy? Many more questions will arise in conversation between both sides on this subject.

The spiritual relationship also acts inside us with other people as well. Our family, colleagues, friends or even people that we meet and never think that we may see them again. Intention plays a major role that shows who and what we are from the inside that brings who we are, out. Would you take credit for someone else's work to please the boss and rob another of the reward when you did not do it? If so, what intentions did you have? Was it for your own glory? Do you hate the other person and want them gone? Are you trying to get ahead in the corporate ladder?

Whatever the situation is or persons that we are interacting with, the intentions come from our inner selves. It is an aspect of our spiritual relationship that works best if we seek it and bring it to light. When it grows with us, we can see our true selves and work the flaws we call human nature.

Bar advice. The connection within a spiritual relationship can manifest the intentions that we want or seek after in our lives.

Relationships that don't take off.

Last week Mindy(not real name), the one that works at the restaurant nearby, came to the bar. "Just killing time to go meet someone later", she said. She started to tell me that she was leaving her company and worse of all, that she and her boyfriend had ended the relationship. No surprise to me actually.

She said that what I had told her before about it not working out and that he was after different things and relationship than her, was true. I wasn't sure if she was alright about it because she didn't really show it. Was she hurting inside? Possibly but she wasn't expressing it. Later I find out that she was calculating her zodiac a year extra because they do that in the Chinese culture. She wasn't a Capricorn/Pig but a Capricorn/Rooster. Now here's what she really is like in character.

Dignified and impeccable, the Capricorn born Rooster cuts a dashing figure. He/She will be well turned out, strong of opinion and honest to a fault. Capricorn's reserve matches the conservative side of the Rooster nature harmoniously. There is little conflict and lots of restraint. The Capricorn/Rooster possesses integrity and autonomy. He/She functions well alone if need be but prefers to be surrounded. Count on the Capricorn/Rooster to do the "done" thing. This person's charm is increased by his/her excellent manners, careful use of words, and ability to find the best in each situation. Capricorn/Roosters worry about how others see them and make heroic efforts to please those who judge their behavior. These people care greatly for appearances but are never guilty of pretension. You won't find one of these noble souls engaged in anything disreputable. Even sex! No. This character is faithful to a fault (if such a thing exists) and not attracted to dealing with deep emotion. He or she is easy to love. Everybody does. But intimacy with such a reserved type is a challenge to say the least.

Now I understand why it was hard to figure out if she was hurting inside. With her character she's not one to really show it. Lot of the other traits are fitting this lovely girl as well. One thing she did admit to me was when I told her she was still a newbie about things like work, people, worldly affairs and of course relationships. Maybe she wasn't all that upset because the relationship was still new and deep feelings had not set in yet. She even said she hoped someone better would come along soon.

The fact that relationships that don't take off when and if we want them to is normal with lots of people. We chance upon someone and hope they will be the one we have been searching for or at least close to it. We don't want to have someone to be humourous only to find out that he can be too much of a clown. Not someone to be a hard worker and find that he/she is not around at all because of work. There's got to be acceptable allowances but fulfills our needs as well. Most importantly they just got to be there for us and committed as well.

Bar advice. In the end we have to remember that it either works out or we need to get out of the relationship we're in.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Missing Kat

Last week, hot ass Kat, didn't show up at the bar on all three days that she normally has salsa dance practice. I was wondering what happened to her but I did suspect that she might have gone for a getaway holiday type thing.

I suddenly got a phone call from her asking if I was already at the bar. She than came up after I said I was there. She looked tired and when I asked where she had been, she told me she was in Phuket. Since there was a public holiday in the middle of the week and a friend from overseas had invited her, she decided to go have some time off.

I said to her,"Oh, so you went there. Got suntanned. Did some swimming and filled you 'bang'." She smiled, as she was drinking, and said "yes." She wasn't trilled that they had her signed up for an amature salsa contest now that she was back and that she needed to put in extra practice. The fact that she just flew in the early morning hours didn't help either.

Later she went for classes and I to work. She dropped by later, had a cigarette and chat a little. We talked about stupid stuff then later when the crowd started to leave I asked her to wait till I closed up. We decided to get some late supper. She wanted to go to the nearby Indian coffee shop but my brain was telling me that I had to go somewhere a bit more lavish. We walked to the road to get a taxi but we were suppose to cross the road. While we were trying to cross and talking at the same time I held her hand. Jokingly saying that I had to make sure we crossed safely. She said I was trying to take advantage of the situation which I completely agreed with and told her so.

We finally got to the place I want to bring her. Swensens. Suppose to be 24 hours but that day it was closed from midnight till 6am. Only Ice cream and coffee available. Why? I also don't know. The Starbucks next to it was also closed. Die, now what? Then she spotted the Coffee Bean nearby. Went there as the lights were still on but they were cleaning up the place only. No more service. Give me a break! We almost walked down when she suggested that we go up as there was a 24 hour place there. Just then we saw the Balcony bar. 24 hours and people still drinking. I went in and asked if they still served snack food. They only had Nachos. Arghhhh!

Finally we got to the Coffee Club on the opposite side. There, we finally got a meal each. She got Evian to drink and I got a beer. After all that mishaps we just went through, I needed one. I knew she was also tired and the fact that she follow me further from her home then where we were from my bar said something to me. I just wanted to be somewhere else with her other than the bar and her salsa classes. Frankly I didn't care where we went or what we did as long as I was in her company.

We had nice time. She showing me pictures of her time in Phuket but some of them was with the guy. We're just friends so it's all good. I like her a lot. She's funny, interesting and the fact that we can chat about anything is refreshing. At the end of the night we got to the edge of the road, after her cigarette, to get taxi. Two of them came awkwardly at the same time and I didn't get to kiss her goodnight. I didn't really think about it till I got home but I wondered if I should have or not. Why?

Well, she's also a customer. A friend. I don't want to have both of us feeling uneasy around each other the next time. Then again, the next time we'll have to see what situation comes up. The kissing outcome may be different. If she's reading this I believe she's fine with all of it.

Bar advice. Last minute decisions can sometimes backfire on you but if you take it all with a bit of humour you'll find it becomes a nice memory for both people.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


We all grow up with our parents and teachers all teaching us about courtesy. The problem is when we grow up in this hectic and pressure driven world we forget all about that.

Is it really so difficult to allow someone to pass you on the highway? Can you not say "excuse me" when you're trying to get ahead of someone in a supermarket? There's someone in front of you so let them take the taxi even if it stopped in front of you or at least try to get them to share it.

In our busy daily lives, it's hard to be courteous to others. Sure there are days when things can go wrong but we need to consider others also having a bad day. If we're upset and angry with stuff going on, we can still be courteous with strangers and family. It make things better for society and resolutions for problems become easier to handle.

Behavior is set deep within ourselves. We can choose to do so in good or bad ways. That's why we're thought at young. If we just continue to follow such in our adult lives we become better human beings. Anyone reading this can surely understand what it means to have someone show us courtesy. The feeling is different in vast expects.

Bar advice. We all know it's hard to do at times but as we continue to do so we find our behaviour change in many different ways not only courtesy.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dealing with bossy people

Among the many types of “difficult” people you will inevitably face in your life are the bossy ones. These are people who, for no other reason than they want to, tell you what you should be doing with your life, how you should be doing it and, everyone’s favorite, what you shouldn't’t have done already.

The thing about bossy people, though, is that they think they’re doing you a favor. Your mother, for instance, simply must tell you to wash your hands (even though you’re nearly 40 years old) because she can’t bear to let you walk around with germs on them. Your spouse, meanwhile, may try to boss you around in the kitchen because he or she is sure you’ll over cook the roast. The potential catastrophes are simply too great to not lend these pearls of wisdom.

To the recipient, of course, being bossed around can be downright maddening, particularly when it’s coming from someone who is probably better off minding their own business. However, you don’t have to let bossy people get the better of you.

How to Handle Bossy People

Nobody likes being bossed around or controlled, you may be tempted to confront the bossy person in an accusatory way, which will surely escalate the situation and leave you with nothing but more strife. So the next time you find yourself with a bossy, controlling person, use these tips to handle the situation with eloquence, class and a positive outcome for you.

1. Confront the person in an appreciative way.
You certainly should address a bossy person’s offensive behavior, but you must do so gently. Start out by showing your appreciation, then stating that you’re happy doing things your own way. (Try, “I appreciate that you’re trying to help me do the dishes more effectively, but I prefer to use the sponge, not the scourer.”)

2. Release your frustrations.
Being bossed around can bring up many negative feelings, including anger, frustration, anxiety and even a loss of self-esteem. The last thing you want to do is internalize these feelings and create an unnecessary source of stress in your life.

3. Stand your ground.
While realizing that most bossy people do have good intentions, you should make it clear to him or her that you have no intention of changing your behaviors. It may be that the person continues to try and control you, but it’s also possible that, upon seeing your confidence, he or she will eventually back down and leave you be. Again, this should be done in a kind, not accusatory, way. (Such as, “Mom, I do so many things around the house the way you do, but when it comes to making salad, I like to cut the tomatoes in quarters, not slices.”)

4. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
Sometimes bossy people may not realize how offensive their remarks can be until they experience it themselves. Next time someone tries bossing you around, experiment with being bossy in return. It may just help to curb the behavior altogether. For instance, if a bossy friend tells you how to get your hair cut, tell them your opinion about how they should be cutting theirs. Just be careful not to go overboard with this and become a bossy person yourself!

We know that the person doing this may not intentionally want to hurt us when it's done and we got to realize that. Even people at work may just want to get things done in a certain way but don't realize that other individuals do things their own way.Sometimes we need to have a confrontation with the bossy person to sort things out before it blows up into a disaster.

Bar advice. Even if the person is your actual boss at work you should be able to stand your ground. Sort things out and get him or her on the same page as you. It's better to deal with it early or you'll be taken advantage of constantly. Same with the people at home.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Things guys say but really mean

Here's a humorous look at things that guys say to their other halves and what they really mean. You'll have a nice laugh.

"I'm going fishing." Really means... "I'm going to drink myself dangerously
stupid and stand by a pond with a stick in my hand, while
the fish swim by in complete safety."

"It's a guy thing." Really means.... "There is no rational thought pattern
connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical."

"Can I help with dinner?" Really means... "Why isn't it already on the table?"

"Uh huh, " "Sure, honey, " or "Yes, dear." Really means... Absolutely nothing. It's a conditioned response.

"It would take too long to explain." Really means... "I have no idea how it works."

"I'm getting more exercise lately." Really means..."The batteries in the remote are dead."

"We're going to be late." Really means..."Now I have a legitimate excuse to drive like a maniac."

"Take a break, honey, you're working too hard." Really means..."I can't hear the game over the vacuum cleaner."

"That's interesting, dear." Really means... "Are you still talking?"

"Honey, we don't need material things to prove our love." Really means... "I forgot your birthday again."

"That's women's work." Really means... "It's difficult, dirty, and thankless."

"You know how bad my memory is." Really means..."I remember the theme song to 'Titanic, the address of the first girl I ever kissed and the vehicle numbers of every car I've ever owned, but I forgot this was the day we got married."

"Oh, don't fuss. I just cut myself, it's no big deal." Really means... "I have severed a limb, but will bleed to death before I admit I'm hurt because I was doing that stupid thing you said not to do."

"I do help around the house." Really means... "I once put a dirty towel in the laundry basket."

"Hey, I've got my reasons for what I'm doing." Really means... "I sure hope I think of some reasons pretty soon."

"I can't find it." Really means... "Help look for it for me. You know where everything is."

"What did I do this time?" Really means... "What did you catch me doing?"

"I heard you." Really means..."I haven't the foggiest clue what you just said, and I'm hoping desperately that I can fake it well enough so that you don't spend the next days yelling at me."

"You look terrific." Really means... "Oh, God, please don't try on one more outfit. I'm starving."

"I missed you." Really means... "I can't find my socks, the kids are hungry and we are out of toilet paper."

"I'm not lost. I know exactly where we are." Really means..."I'm lost. I have no idea where we are, and no one will ever see us alive again."

"I don't need to read the instructions." Really means... "I am perfectly capable of screwing it up without printed help."

Lastly,"I love you dear." Really means..."Forgive me for the big, bad thing I did that I'm about to tell you.

Bar advice. How many of you ladies have heard these things. Remarkable that you understand what it 'really' means when it's explained to you.

Baywatch type pool party

See how much fun people are having at the beach. That's how to be at this time of the year. It's summer time. Party a little.

Bar advice. Don't worry too much about difficulties in love and life at this moment. Give yourself a break.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Summer time

What can be said about this time of the year. Party!!! Well maybe not everyone but most people. What are you going to do?

I tell you, this is the time to go freak the day and night. Be happy. Let loose. Enjoy. Don't let things get you down. The beach is calling. Ladies get your bikini on and guys find those scantily clad babes. Don't waste time thinking about what you want but really what you need right now. Have fun.

This is the time of year that you want to just be happy inside. Both guys and girls should be out to have a good time and not think so much about a deep lasting relationship. If that can happen then great but if it doesn't than just enjoy life as it is.

Go to clubs and bars. get a little drunk. If you're in a group of friends then check out for others that are doing the same. Sometimes when we're not looking for anybody, the right one just pops up. Last of all. Dance till you drop.

Bar advice. This is short and sharp. Let loose. The party is just beginning.